When does the 2023 preseason start for League of Legends?

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Nov 10

League of Legends Season 13 is finally upon us! As players prepare for one last push for their desired rank, Riot Games has been preparing for the latest League of Legends preseason. This is where the fun begins, as Riot gets to rest out their latest creations ahead of Season 13.

Season 12 officially ends on November 14 with the conclusion of patch 12.21. This means once the clock strikes 11:59 local time, the ranked rewards will officially be locked and you can no longer compete for that sweet Prestige Sejuani skin.

The current League of Legends patch is 12.21, as stated earlier this is the last opportunity for ranked players to climb the ladder and earn themselves better rewards for the end of the season. The preseason patch normally follows the immediate ending of the ranked season, which is on November 14.

The official start date for the League of Legends preseason will be on Wednesday, November 16.

As is the case with every new season, Riot Games is introducing big changes which should shake up the landscape of League of Legends. The target for this preseason for the developers is to drastically improve the top lane and jungle roles.

Top lane has always been a less-than-appealing role for League of Legends players. While some champions do possess carry potential, most of the time the role is reduced to being a secondary support that gets little-to-no resources.

A major player in the demise of the top lane role is the changes to teleport. With top laners being locked into their lane, their impact on the map dwindled. One of the goals in the preseason is to reward the solo laners for their individual effort with increases to XP and gold earned, giving top lane the most resources on the map with nerfs to duo and shared XP.

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