Revamped about Minotaur

Nov 10

Minotaur was became a stronger roamer tank now.

First of all, according to the patch notes, passive skill of Minotaur at now will not disspate again except be killed or used enhanced ult(Aoe CC)!!! So, it's mean you can use the ult to get rage gain anytime although the rage gain was less than before that. But at now, you can accumulated rage gain become full at non-combat also and it is not wasting skill. And you also no need to care about the passive skill of slightly reduced when taking damage although that your team was in arrears too many. So, when your team was keep ahead, Minotaur will become full rage gain at any team fight , it's very op right?

Futhermore, the second skill will not giving any rage gain again and ult will only accumulated 3 times rage gain only. How much about accumulated 3 times of rage gain? It's only accumulated the full value rage gain of two over five. Moreover, when your team is in arrears, you will difficult to take chances to accumulated rage gain. But this weak points is for strength of hero can be balanced. And relatively, the enhanced ult of first two phases was became 70%instead and not airborn again. But you can use Flicker when enhanced ult haven release third strike(Aoe CC) to control enemy. And Minotaur will not stay at original place and release skill like a stupid again when your ult was been dodge. The Flicker can used to control direction of skill to airborn more enemy.

Try it at all this tank now.👍

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