Which is better vertical or angled foregrip?

Aleena Zafar
Nov 11

🔸Angled Foregrip
It reduces the horizontal recoil of a gun, and increases speed of the ADS (speed of the scope). The downside to this grip is that it slightly reduces steadiness of the weapon.
🔸Vertical foregrip
The vertical foregrip reduces vertical recoil of the gun, and also scale of the recoil pattern. It does not affect horizontal recoil and stability in any manner, however.
Both grips serve a different purpose. However, there is no clear winner, as the vertical grip can be used in long-range fights, when players are tapping, since the vertical recoil is reduced. In contrast, angled foregrip is best-suited when a player uses a weapon with a high fire rate in short to mid-range battles.

The choice of grip is subjective, and some players might prefer an angled foregrip, whereas some might prefer the vertical one. It also depends on selection of the weapon, as players might prefer using angled foregrip with Scar-L and AUG A3. Others might prefer the vertical foregrip for SKS and ARs, for long-range combat.

I like to use Vertical Foregrip. What you think which you like and which one is better?

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