Seocnd Day Overall Results of Group Red

Malik hanzla
Nov 11

After 2 Day blood and tears, PMGC 2022 has officiall Ended .It was not an easy fight for all team as all of them are equally as good and competing against the best in global championship.

INF is performed very well , point 170 in second day .They get 1 chicken dinner.
They 33 points lead from 2 position this good lead

BRU also performed very well , also good comeback by this team on the end of first day they are on # 4 and now they are #2
They have 130 points in Second day.

S2G is performed nice in first day.
They get 124 points in second day.
What a comeback by team S2G , on second day they are on #11 and second day they are #3. They done 2 back to back chicken dinners in secod day

* Top 3 will qualify What is your opinion Which team is qualify? for PMGC Grand final

Top 4 to top 11 is qualify for Survival stage .

# 2 DAYS Left for qualification .

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