Exorcist Kagura's skin review

Nov 21

EXORCIST Kagura's survey and skill effects.

Exorcist Kagura's survey
Left winner/Right loser

Exorcist Kagura's original survey

"The Exorcist of the Butterfly spirit, Kagura is here"

Idle animation

Near view

Far view

I just love this squad! Their skill effects makes their enemy look like they have been possessed by some kind of evil spirit and to chase that evil spirit away, the enemy have to let themselves be hit'd by the EXORCIST's skills 😂❤️

"Nothing can break the bond between Takoyo and me" (Takoyo is Kagura's older sister/the golden spirit on the pic)
My opinion stays the same as Exorcist YZ,
totally 100% "Worth every dias spend"

Price : Roughly 5k dias, can be lowered using daily discounts and Exorcist's recharge event.

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