Sniper Tips⭐️

Nov 12

In all games, the Sniper Rifle is a high-powered bolt-action rifle, it can easily eliminate opponents with just one shot.  But not every player knows how to use it properly and accurately. This comprehensive sniper rifle guide will help you improve as a sniper once you follow all the instructions.

⭐️Position & Decision
Some snipers can shoot brilliantly but are bad at location and decision shooting; once they fire, they're pinned down. To avoid that, pick a position your opponent didn't expect. If you miss, move quickly and try to distract your attacker from a different angle.
⭐️Be Patient
Do not rush to shoot your attacker; shooting a moving target with a sniper is difficult, and even if you hit, you won't kill them. Therefore wait for the ideal opportunity.
⭐️Scope - 4x, 6x, & 8x
I chose these 3 scopes because they correctly projectile from moderate to long range.
From 100 to 200 metres, aim directly at the enemy's head and the bullet will hit.
⭐️Weapon Placement
Always use a sniper rifle as a secondary weapon. Most players hold their sniper as a primary weapon, and when confronting a surprise enemy, they must exchange weapons or fire 1 inaccurate sniper shot and get killed. 
⭐️Practice makes perfect
It takes a lot of time and effort to master the craft of a sniper rifle. Once you've become used to it, you'll realise how effective this weapon is.

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