Top 3 Assault Rifles in PUBGM

Nov 12

In light of the fact that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) is currently the most talked-about video game in the world, I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of the top weapons in PUBG.

⭐️1 Assault Rifles: Groza
PUBG Mobile's top assault rifle is Groza. It has the second-highest fire rate among PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles. You can only get only from airdrops in Battle Royale Mode. Damage-wise, it matches AKM with 49. But Groza is a balanced assault rifle in the game. Take the Groza to combat and you won't regret it.

⭐️2 Assault Rifles: AKM
The number 2 spot goes to AKM. An advantage to AKM is more widely available on the battlefield than Groza.

AKM has the most single-shot damage compared to other assault rifles in the game. With this powerful Assault Rifle, players can kill enemies with a single headshot or two bodyshots.

AKM works just as well close up, and it is one of the most reliable assault rifles for close-quarters battles. The gun is easy to get and can be found in a lot of places on all maps. For the best results equip this gun with a compensator and extended QuickDraw magazine

⭐️3 Assault Rifles: M416
The M416 is a very reliable and fully automatic gun that can kill any enemy on the battlefield with a single shot. M416 has a slightly faster rate of fire than Scar-L, which put it ahead of the other guns on this list.

My best gun in PUBG Mobile is also the M416. The M416 has a wider range of attachments and a good rate of fire, both of which are very helpful in PUBG's battle royale mode.
One of the best things about the M416 is that it is easy to find on PUBG maps. This Assault Rifle comes highly recommended and is everyone's favourite in the game that everyone is looking forward to (PUBG). The M416 can also be changed more than any other weapon in PUBG Mobile. If you want to get the most out of this gun, you should use attachments.

This gun is a good one for both beginners and experts. The gun shows up fairly often and is free to use on all PUBG Mobile maps.

Any thoughts about Groza being Top 1 of the list? Leave a comment down below!

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