Malaysia's First WWCD 🔥🍗 - 2022 PMGC League

Nov 12

After 17 matches, our only Malaysian representative in Group Red of the 2022 PUBG Mobile Global Championship finally gets themselves their first ever WWCD!

(Photo: PUBG Mobile Esports Livestream)

In Match 18 (Erangel) as the final match of Day 3, 4Rivals were able to win the match while getting themselves 14 eliminations, which makes them get a total of 29 points for the match. This is very huge for 4Rivals as they need as many points to secure themselves in the Top 11 to advance to the Survival Stage!

4Rivals dropped around the School-Rozhok area, and the zone circle shrank towards the outskirts of the Gatka area in which 4Rivals were able to wipe out Influence Chemin (the lobby leaders), DRS Gaming, BOX Gaming and Madbulls on their path to match victory.

(Photo: Liquipedia PUBG Mobile)

The Overall Standings after Day 3 sees the rise of Influence Chemin after a bad day yesterday as they got the WWCD last match in Miramar with 18 eliminations. Buriram and LGD also rose as they got a double WWCD earlier today.

What a performance by these teams today, and tomorrow is where everything concludes for these teams in Group Red. What do you think will happen overall? Will 4Rivals be able to withstand their Top 11 spot? Hoping that will happen 🔥

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