There are heroes to be reworked! ? No1

molan is coming
Nov 13

[Nana]First of all, I personally think that Nana has a reason to redo.
I think Nana is a support but the support ability is weakened. I feel the need to improve.

[karmila] I think it is also necessary for karmila to improve the tank level.
Karmila basically cannot play a role in the face of enemy siege.
Now there are so many controls, plus many heroes have acceleration/shift, it is basically difficult for karmila to catch up.

[gord 古爾德]Gord is one of the few mage heroes with true damage. Passive is very good, but I think the 1/2 skill is a bit of a fly in the ointment, and it may be better to change it.
(this is the first chapter)

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