PUBG Mobile upcoming PUBG lucky in Crate 2.3 Update

Aleena Zafar
Nov 13

As we all know pubg always brings new and unique items for its players. Some of these items  create hype that's why pubg mobile try bring these items again.

Pineapple set is one of the best item which create hype in player everyone want this set.
There is a very big surprise for players that PUBG Mobile bringing back the pineapple set in 2. 3 pubg lucky crate. It's release date is not yet announced but it will realse in 2. 3 update.

Also one of the unique set was lemon Fresh set which is also rare and unique. PUBG Mobile also brings this lemon Fresh set in same pubg lucky crate.

Some other items are also included which were rare and unique like killer Tune M24 upgraded skin and also include Crystal Bandit set.

I have Lemon Fresh Set and wish to get Pineapple Set. Comment blow if you have any of one item and which item you want to get.

Share your thoughts are you excited for this crate?

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