[PMGC]The Unexpected

Nov 14 · Moderator

The Week 1 of PMGC League has officially ended yesterday, and 16 Teams from Group Red already fought through the battleground with Top 3 going straight into the Finals , Bottom 5 getting eliminated, And the rest going into the survival stage.

First of all,let's congratulates Buriram United,S2G esports and Influence Rage x Chemin for getting their instant slot into the grand finals. The Thai team quickly catches up to the Brazilian after they dominated the first two days of PMGC League.

BTR as well showed the consistency that is never seen before in their last few global tournament, LiQuid being the star of the team definitely at his best during the last 2 days and Luxxy clutched 4RVL by himself definitely the highlight of the whole tournament.

4RVL despite being at risk for the first two days, no doubt slowly improves their gameplay and earned themselves a deserving slot to the survival stages. Definitely the slow and steady bunch among the SEA contestants.

BOX Gaming and The Infinity was looking for the final slot into the survival stages but with the momentum of BOX Gaming, The Infinity Fell short....This indeed is the first time a SEA Champion didn't qualify into the finals of PMGC. A very unexpected results for people who had high hopes on The Infinity including me. (I even picked The Infinity as my group leader)

The Infinity might be the most inexperienced of the bunch in global tournament technically maybe that's why they didn't do well this time around. (BRU has KengZo that's experienced in SEA,4RVL went to the last PMGC and PMWI,BTR has joined every global tour,Box has the experience from pre PMGC global tournament)

What do you think about the Group Red results? Are you as shocked as I am?

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