Valir Ikki Leo review

Nov 16

MLBB X SAINT SEIYA Valir as Ikki Leo's skill effects and WP.

"I am the Immortal Phoenix, Ikki"

Idle animation

All Gold Cloth skins have different names for their skills as in here Valir's passive is originally called Ashing but in Gold Cloth his passive is renamed to Divine Fire.

All skill casting is started with this Lion display before the actual skill animation

"Phoenix rise"

"I can destroy their body... Or their mind"

The best skin among all the current Saint Seiya Gold Cloth. His skill effects has the same vibe as Granger's LEGEND the Starfall Knight but the exception is that Ikki Leo is much better and cheaper compared to the Vote Your Legend event winner.

Truly worth every dias spend 💯
Price : 6000 dias

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