Top & only 3 Light Machine Guns (LMGs) in PUBGM

Nov 19

Another day, another category. I'm here to present 3 best and only Light Machine Guns (LMGs) for use in the PUBGM.
Light machine gun(LMGs): M249

The M249 Light Machine Gun is the top choice. However, you can only obtain this gun from airdrops. The M249 is top of the list in PUBG Mobile due to it having the highest firing speed at 915m/s.

This rifle performs exceptionally well in both long- and close-range situations. With a magazine capacity of 100, each round can deal 40 points of damage. There are no magazine or muzzle attachment points, although a scope may be added.

Its high precision makes it useful for picking off opponents at close and medium range.

Light Machine Gun(LMG): DP-28

When used properly, the DP28 light machine gun can be very effective. Not being able to connect anything to the gun but the scope is a major drawback. The gun's recoil is moderate and could be easily obtained on the map, so these should make up for it.

The DP-28 will deal maximum damage out to 50 meters, with damage falling off out to 298 meters, at which point bullets will do minimum damage.

To get the most out of this LMG, stick to close-in combat.

Light machine gun (LMG): MG3
Similar to M249, the MG3 can only be obtained via Air Drop. The standard firing rate is 660 rounds per minute, making it ideal for long-range warfare, and the weapon can be switched to a rapid-fire 990 rounds per minute mode (great for close-quarters combat). The MG3's included bipod and selectable 990 rounds-per-minute settings make it ideal for preventing people from over bridges.

What is your favourite LMG on the list? Please leave a comment below!

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