Beatrix's M4 & Prime skin price

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Nov 17

Skin M4 & PRIME

Here are the skin prices for the M4 World Championship Pass

M4 Pass 399💎:
•M4 Beatrix "Light Chaser" skin
•+3 Pass Level M4
•Bonus Pass reward

M4 Pass 699💎:
•Open Bonus Pass Rewards
•M4 Beatrix "Light Chaser" skin
•Increase the pass level for an additional 2 levels
• M4 exclusive match action
•M4 exclusive Trail effect

👉To get the PRIME skin Beatrix "Stellar Brilliance" you need to reach level 75 in the M4 Championship Pass, if you want to continue to get the following skins you need to spend 13,000💎 to continue to level 75 in the M4 Championship Pass

Skin M4 & PRIME Beatrix is ​​expected to arrive in December

(Event details may change prior to official release from Moonton)

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Credit to Dual Blade Gamerz👹


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