[Daily Topic]Which hero u hate playing against in rank mode?

molan is coming
Nov 17

Which hero do you hate playing against in ranked mode?

When you’re pushing your rank desperately, which hero would you like to avoid? Let’s discuss actively!

This is molan’s point of view:
I really hate facing chou because he is easily immune to cc effects and a lot of blink skills. He can move quite far by his skills. Also, he can easily catch the squishy marksmen by surprise by the combo of 1-Basic Atk - Ulti and the squishy heroes can die even if they have full HP.
The next one is the strongest marksman, Wanwan. She’s able to jump and protect herself with her skills, and her ulti is immune to everything. Once she’s picked by the enemy, you need to buy Wind of Nature or Immortality and an item slot is wasted.
The next one is estes. Although he isn’t able to escape, he has the best healing ability in the game. His heal is so powerful that he can heal a tank up to half HP. If the healing is applied to marksmen, they can have full hp. It’s so hard for his teammate to be at low hp.
Aside from the above heroes, I’m also scared of Selena, Beatrix, Fanny, Badang, Gusion, Sun and Leomord!

Who else do you think dangerous? Please comment and let me know!

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