2022 PMGC League - Group Green Intro 🟢

Nov 17

Group Red drama have all gone past behind us, now it's time to witness the fight within Group Green as phase 2 of the 2022 PUBG Mobile Global Championship League (Group Stage)!

(Yet another original photo from PUBG Mobile Esports but edited terribly by me🤣)

This group has been dubbed as the 'Group of Death' by fans and PUBG Mobile netizens. Why? Simply because we have a few world champions and/or world-level champions participating this week such as 🇨🇳 Nova China (2x PMGC Champions😮), 🇹🇭Vampire Esports (2022 PMWI Champions), 🇧🇷Alpha7 Esports & 🇷🇺 HVVP (world participation specialist) 🔥

This week, our Malaysian local representative team will be of 🇲🇾 YOODO ALLIANCE! Their recent performance in PMPL MY/SG S4, 2022 PMPL MSP Spring & 2022 PMPL MSP Fall definitely makes them worthy to be battling in this global stage!

Who will prevail to advance to the Grand Finals and/or Survival Stage from this group? Do you think the big champion titans will definitely advance, or will there be a plot twist drama and they get eliminated? This weekend will be very interesting to watch🍿

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