Top 3 Shotguns in PUBGM

Nov 18

Following up on my last post, I'll be listing my top three Shotguns for use in the PUBGM.

Shotguns: S12K

At close range, the S12K is lethal, and its semi-automatic operation makes it simpler to kill numerous foes at once than with pump-action or double-barreled alternatives. This shotgun has improved recoil and decent damage, making it worth a try.

This shotgun's quick rate of fire is one of its many impressive qualities. When working in pairs or small groups, an extended magazine can be quite useful.

Shotguns: S686

The S686's capacity to fire two 12-gauge rounds in near-simultaneous bursts makes it ideal for close quarters combat, but its damage drops off rapidly without a choke, and its long reload time makes it cumbersome when facing multiple foes or enemies at range. While it shares the sawed-off shotgun's short magazine capacity, the S686's high rate of fire gives its trained users an advantage in combat when they might not otherwise have one. For such a cheap rifle, the S686's accuracy at 15 metres is surprisingly good after a choke is added. However, because of the limited ammunition available, any mistakes will be fatal.

Instantaneous decay in damage. If an enemy is further away than 285 metres, they will take no damage at all.

Shotguns: DBS

This bullpup-style shotgun can hold up to 14 12-Gauge bullets, making it the most powerful shotgun in the game. However, reloading so many shells will take an absurdly long time. Since the DBS's pump is racked after every two shells are fired, chambering the next two, it is ideally suited for dealing burst damage by peeping in and out of cover with each shot. The DBS is a shotgun, hence it's most effective in close quarters battle if you need to put an end to the fight quickly and with few casualties.

What is your favorite Shotgun on the list? Please leave a comment below!

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