New Update 2.3.0 Glitch in Erangle Map #14 | PUBGM.

Rendang daging26
Nov 18

In update 2.3.0 there is a glitch in the Erangle map Map in the event mode at football Carnival
Many players use this glitch to support unfair game play.

At this spot there is a swimming pool located in Erangle, enemy Camp inside this swimming pools for surviving because this glitched spot is at hotdrop too many players come over there.Glitch person also kills players from inside water with Throwables and also with weapon.

There is the advantage for glitch player, don't get damage from water that's why they can easily survive during using the glitch kill players.

This glitch is very dangerous because this is located on a hot Drop and we don't spot the glitched player.
We hope this glitch will be fixed in a few days.

Note: This content is made for awareness. Please don't try this glitch in game because you can get a ban on your account and it supports unfair game play.

Share your opinion related to this glitch in the comments section Thanks you.

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