Top 3 Pistols in PUBGM

Nov 20

Pistols can be secondary or primary weaponry. They're “all-around okay" weapons because they provide decent damage at a decent range. Replace with a main weapon as quickly as possible, because the low ammo and damage will affect you. I'll be listing my top three Pistols for use in the PUBGM.

Pistols: Deagle

The Deagle (sometimes called desert eagle) is a high-damage up-close weapon, however, the Laser Sight can enhance its hipfire accuracy. This pistol's muzzle recoil, energy, and velocity are above average. It can destroy a Level 3 Helmet in 2 headshots with ease.
It has been named one of the most powerful handguns in the world.

Pistols: P18C

The P18C is the game's least damaging automatic secondary. Despite this, it has the highest damage per second of all pistols, rivalling submachine guns.

The P18C is the greatest secondary for quickly pushing lead downrange and can even be used as a primary. The rapid rate of fire provides a lot of damage per second but a strong recoil, therefore users may utilise sights and barrel attachments.

As a backup pistol, if you can control this weapon, you can put holes in targets.

Pistols: P1911

The P1911 delivers a punch. Small magazine size and operator expertise limit its damage output. If you wish to maintain this weapon, find an extended or extended quickdraw magazine as soon as possible to increase its magazine capacity and backup potential. Due to its modest muzzle velocity of 250 m/s, this pistol shouldn't be used beyond 50 metres.

After one metre, damage falls off and continues as long as the bullet is in flight.

Which of the pistols saved you the most while in the early game? Please let me know in the comment section down below!

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