Wan Wan nerfed (advance server UPdate)

Frenzy Official
Nov 20

Advance server UPdate
1st skill and Ult nerfed

1st skill
. Effect of multiple hit :
0.5s Stun >> 0.5 Immobilize

For those who don't know Immobilize is a CC that rend a hero effected by it to be unable to move but they still can cast Basic atk and Certain skill like X Borg's 1st skill.

Example of heroes with immobilize CC :
Cyclops's Ult, Esmeralda's Ult, Hanabi's Ult and many more👹

. Max chase range : 8.5 >> 7.5

.Atk effect percentage gained by Ult :
35% >> 25%
This nerf is to balance her down since the new item (Swift Crossbow) gives all heroes that relies on atk spd an indirect buff.


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