PUBG MOBILE Invisible Wall Trick 2.3 Update

Aleena Zafar
Nov 21

Location of this trick is buildings of Football Carnival in erangel map where you find lots of loot and number of enemies too.

There is very simple trick to spot enemies and loot in football Carnival buildings.

You can do this trick with the help of PUBG Mobile new Features (for making videos).

For this trick
1) Simply click on emote option
2) Click on Camera option
3)Then click on second option next to emote option on top right of your screen.
4)Then click on video option
5) Click on Extreme Pullback shot
6)Press ok

Now time for your video will start and your screen start zooming. You just have to move screen up and down left and right to seen the enemies location.

When your camera is fully zoom and then it will coming back to you or zooming out you will get glich and walls will be invisible and you can see loot.

Share your thoughts about this glich. You guys like this glich or not? Comment below.

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