[PMGC]The Inevitable

Nov 21 · Moderator

Group Green of PMGC has ended yesterday and it has been a very interesting run for all the teams that participated in it.

For starters, EVOS Reborn who had a good run in the first day has been eliminated after many inconsistent game after day 1, HVVP who was on Top 1 for 3 days,Falls to survival stage on the last day.

And finally,the inevitable, it's the end of the road for our representative,Yoodo Alliance in this PMGC. To be fair, all of the eliminated is a first timer in PMGC (except Pittsburgh knights). So it is expected that they can't perform well and here just for experience.

STE,NV and FF all qualified straight to finals and Kudos for FF for bouncing up from the brink of elimination into the grand finals in two days.

BAC,VPE,HVVP,A7,DWG,SG,POWR and iNCO will be going into the survival stages. 1 more groups to go, who will the one getting eliminated? Who will get their second chance? And who will be the one straight into Top 16?

Anticipate it and u will not be disappointed....

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