Erangel Map Guide

Nov 22

Erangel is a large 8x8 map contains many locations such as Pochinki, Georgopol and School and has many grassy areas and also forest ones.

In the section, I will give brief explanation of all drop locations in Erangel:

Military Base - best loot, most people. Expect to fight if it's under the flight path (and die). If not, it's worth a fast trek there in a car to plunder it in peace, but beware of bridge trolls if the white circle isn't kind. Best treasure is in three U-shaped buildings, although you'll do well everywhere.

Mylta Power - if on the flight path is a good site. Top-level treasure, especially in the green building and neighbouring warehouses, for a complete squad. First circle usually requires a vehicle.

Small Mylta Power - a modest facility with one major structure. You'll discover high-quality stuff in lesser numbers here, thus solo and pair are preferable than squads.

School and Hospital - both of these have tonnes of mid-quality treasure. Schoo and School Apartments are popular sites to land, so prepare to fight and die there. If The Hospital is close to your budget, go for it.

Georgopol Crates - Large containers north of the mountains and south of the river, and their surrounding warehouses, have high-quality loot but are contested when approachable by plane. If you can land nearby and drive there, battle is easier. Climb boxes for the best treasure, but you're incredibly exposed.

Prison, Mansion, and Shelter - these places are wonderful sites to loot with enough for a complete squad, although they're hotly disputed when under the flight path. They're good destinations if you can get there safely or want to fight.

Large Towns - Novorepnoye, Lipovka, Rozhok, Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Georgopol, Primorsk, and Severny are fantastic spots to pillage but are risky. Warehouses, cafés, restaurants (glass-fronted, angular buildings), and cathedrals have the best loot.

Where do you think is best strategic location to land? Please a comment down below!!

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