Group Green Final Rankings 📊🏆 - 2022 PMGC League

Nov 22

The second week/group of the 2022 PMGC League has just ended, let's check out the overall rankings of Group Green and the teams that will advance to the GF/SS and those who will sadly have to say bye-bye.

Congratulations to 🇲🇳 Godlike Stalwart for winning the Group Green lobby! Their start to the week was quite slow as they we're performing for the first half (Days 1 & 2) but they quickly bounced back up with insane consistency towards the top of the tables after that and were able to beat Nova that were challenging for Top 1 as well.
🇨🇳Nova Esports had an amazing first day, but dropped off hard in the middle but good thing they bounced back up hard on the final day to secure the Jakarta spot 🔥
🇹🇷 Fire Flux Esports also made a comeback towards the later half to secure their spots to the Grand Finals and it came down to the final game as they were able to beat Bacon Time & HVVP the very last minute 😱

Vampire Esports, DWG KIA, Skylightz Gaming and POWR Esports were able to secure their spots to the Survival Stage. Moreover, teams like Bacon Time and HVVP were quite unfortunate as they fell off from the Top 3 on the last day and have to fight through the Survival Stage instead of a direct ticket to Jakarta. On the other hand, iNCO Gaming were very lucky as they were 16th for the longest time but were able to push into Top 11 on the final day 👏🏻

Sadly, One Million, Donuts USG, Knights as well as out local representative Yoodo Alliance and neighbourinng-team, EVOS Reborn; they are unfortunately eliminated from the PMGC 2022. GGWP!

The final group; Group Yellow starts very soon, and we'll see the final Malaysian representative; Geek Fam playing against the likes of FaZe Clan, IHC Esports, 4AM and D'Xavier to name a few. Will Geek Fam be able to turn the tides against their rivals? 👀

(Photos: PUBG Mobile Esports)

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