The 3 best heroes to counter Balmond in Mobile Legends

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Nov 22

Balmond is one of the most picked fighter heroes across all ranks in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Usually played in EXP lane or jungle, his skill combo is simple but powerful. He can charge into enemies and slow them with Soul Lock (1st skill), setting up his Cyclone Sweep (2nd skill) that deals huge damage over time.

His ultimate, Lethal Counter, serves as a finishing blow to dying heroes, and can also be paired with Retribution to secure Turtle and Lord objectives when he’s played as a jungler.

His passive skill, Bloodthirst, allows him to fearlessly dive into team fights as it restores a percentage of his health when he kills heroes, minions and jungle creeps.

The Bloody Beast’s bread and butter is Cyclone Sweep, which can be interrupted when an enemy causes him to become airborne, suppressed, transformed or frozen. So, if you’re able to stop this skill or slow him down while using it, you can render him almost useless. These three heroes effectively do the job.

Barats is a great counter against Balmond both as a laner or a jungler. As the latter’s playstyle involves him rushing forward to enemies, the Dino Rider can stop him on his tracks using the Detona’s Welcome ultimate, which has a suppress effect.

Turn on the Hero Lock Mode to ensure that you’re using Detona’s Welcome on the right target. The ultimate also gives him immunity to control effects, allowing you to tank spells while focusing on him. You can also do this while contesting for objectives if you’re going up against a jungle Balmond.

Additionally, you can slow him down with So-Called Teamwork (1st skill). Make sure to have your Big Guy passive on full stacks, which increases your first spell’s area of effect, which in turn makes you more tanky in clashes.

Vale is another hero who can easily interrupt Cyclone Sweep. The Windtalker can knock enemies airborne with his second skill, Windblow, and slow them down with his ultimate, Windstorm.

Make sure to upgrade Windblow: Control, which has the airborne effect, and Windstorm: Death, which has a slow debuff plus magic burst. His passive, Windtalk, grants him additional speed, which helps you run away from Balmond.

Magic items that enhance Vale’s burst damage make up his typical build, but you can opt for some utility items when the enemy Balmond starts beefing up on defense. After buying Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon, you can pick up Necklace of Durance for shield and HP regen reduction, and Ice Queen Wand for its additional slow effect.

Jawhead also has a low-cooldown ability, Ejector, that can knock Balmond airborne and cancel Cyclone Sweep. Furthermore, you can use it to throw him to your turret or allies.

Run as close as possible, or use your Unstoppable Force ultimate to zoom into Balmond with the Ejector. This skill also gives a decent speed boost and shield, allowing you to chase him down, or otherwise escape.

The Steel Sweetheart can be played as a laner, jungler or even a roamer, enabling your team to draft a flexible hero composition to deal with multiple opposing threats.

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