The 3 best heroes to counter Joy in Mobile Legends

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Nov 22

Joy, the Flash of Miracle, is the newest assassin hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Much like Wanwan, she is agile and can easily dash multiple times on the battlefield.

There’s a unique catch in her skill set. In order for her to deal maximum damage and activate her ultimate, players must groove to the beat with each dash during her second skill Meow, Rhythm of Joy! This hero is right up your alley if you’re into rhythm games.

However, if you find yourself playing against her on the other team, she can defintely be a pain to deal with and extremely difficult to pin down in the latter stages of the game. Locking in heroes with crowd control skills is not enough, as her dashes render her immune if she hits a hero with her dash.

If you want to stop her in her tracks, you either have to disable her before she dashes, or pick heroes that can use of her dashes to their advantage. Here are three heroes that can do just that.

Minsitthar is the only one in the Land of Dawn who can stop heroes from casting any mobility skills. His ultimate, King’s Calling, creates a large area around him that disables any directional blink skills. This means that Joy will not be able to use her most important skill once his ultimate is activated.

If she tries to go outside King’s Calling, Minsitthar can cast Spear of Glory to pull her back into the middle of the arena. This is almost always a sure kill if you have teammates nearby to deal damage.

As for battle spells, Flicker is a must, for it will help you close the gap in team fights if she decides to play it safe.

The bane of every hero with mobility skills, Phoveus is a strong laner against mobile heroes. Whenever a hero dashes or blinks near him, he can instantly blink to their location with Demonic Force, dealing damage.

The skill can be cast repeatedly as long as someone dashes near him. Since Joy needs to dash four times to deal maximum damage, Phoveus will have no problem getting close and eliminating her in team fights.

Purchase Ice Queen Wand and Glowing Wand on Phoveus if you want to burst her down the moment she uses her second skill. If she gets ahead, build Radiant Armor to negate some of her damage.

Despite not having any skills that can stop Joy from dashing around in team fights, Esmeralda can literally stand in one place and still win against the Flash of Miracle.

Esmeralda can absorb enemy shields and negate enemy shields whenever she deals damage. She also has a movement speed boost that makes her a solid choice against agile heroes such as Joy.

Once you’ve bought Tough Boots and Enchanted Talisman, use Frostmoon Shield and Stardust Dance frequently in the laning phase to zone her out. It’s also essential to go for Sprint as your battle spell since Esmeralda doesn’t have any blink skills to chase down Joy.

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