Pubg mobile 2.3 Update Screat location

Aleena Zafar
Nov 23

Our secret location is in Football Mania Erangel Map. You can see the place in map name Football Carnival in yellow colour.I found a secret location at that point. In Football Carnival we can see a Stachu our screat location is that Stachu. This trick or Screat location is best of rank pushing.

To reach on the top of this stachu follow steps should be followed:

1)For this location land on football Carnival and their are machines go to any of one machine (shown in screenshot).

2) Start the machine.

3) fly towards the stachu.

4) Land on the top of stachu now camp on stachu no one can spot you.

And give surprise attack to enemies and get kill.

Have you know this location before? Share your thoughts.

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