LEGEND skin updates on MLBB

Frenzy Official
Nov 23

Ok! Since Franco is going to be our Dec's LEGEND skin so Aurora's rumoured LEGEND skin is cancelled or rather suspended for the time being.

Gord's LEGEND skin will be revamped soon and it will be the skin's 2nd revamp after 2018.

Lastly after Franco the next role to get LEGEND skin is Mage and it will on a limited time event similar to Granger & Guinevere's gacha.

Let's keep our expectation low to be surprised by the outcome of those skins (in a good way)


For the time being still no news regarding The Conqueror's revamp details especially it's survey designs.

These are the rumored survey designs said to be Aurora's LEGEND skin. It is an old survey dated back to 2017.

Design : Snow queen with a ice Unicorn

I think dev should rework Aurora's appearance before giving her any high tier skins such as LEGEND in the future.


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