Going Legendary New Event In Pubg Mobile

Kaya toast4887
Nov 23

Pubg Mobile Always comes up with new event for players .They Have Now Give Going Legendary Event.

1. Complete matches in Classic Mode during the event to get Exploration Points.

2. The better you do in matches, the more points you'll get. Survival time, eliminations, and damage dealt will all affect the points rewarded. You'll also get extra points by participating in Football Mani 3. Accumulate Exploration Points to unlock each area and get corresponding rewards. You can also purchase Exploration Points with UC to unlock rewards quickly.

4. During the event, spend UC to upgrade some limited-time rewards from the event into a permaner item (including expired items that were collected during the event).

5. Rewards cannot be collected after the event ends, so remember to collect all the rewards in time

6. Up to 130 points can be obtained by playing matches every day.

What is you Favorite items in this new event Share Your Feedback In Comment Section .Thanks 🤗

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