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Nov 23

What hero can restrain joy?

Everyone is already quite familiar with Joy:) Everyone knows how powerful Joy is, so today Molan will introduce what hero can restrain Joy! Molan also sorted out the top 3 (the following are just Molan's personal points of view, don't blow me if you don't agree :))
Top3 miya/zilong, these two rely on continuous basic attacks to output, and this is just the restraint of joy! As long as you stand very carefully, as long as joy dares to take a step forward, he will start general work immediately! It will definitely be able to catch a cat successfully:) and the miya skill 2 can completely control the blink of Joy!

Top2 This hero has the title of "the walking revitalize"! This hero is ~Estes~ Estes can instantly regen the HP after he taken the damage caused by Joy's skill 2 the with skill 1 and ultimate's HP regen! And Estes's skill 2 also have a very strong slow effects! It lets Joy can't escape.

Top1, he is the most annoying hero in the entire endless canyon, he has the unmatched suppression time of all heroes, no matter who it is! If you're locked by him for a little bit, it is basically impossible to escape. Can you guess who it is? Tell me in the comment area~

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