Overide isnt Balance [Change my mind]

Nov 23 · Moderator

From a day Overide released in arcade mode, i played non-stop everyday. Sometime i lose and sometime i win, it based on what hero u get and how ur teammate play it too. And today i want to share to you what i experienced til now.

Hero pick is important
I know we dont have any chance to pick our hero ourself, its like brawl mode. But for me u need to know every hero gameplay and know how to play it well (beginner also enough). In which u also need to pick the strongest which is who have long CD such as Leomord, Odette, Yin cause in Overide, everyone hero gain low CD so as long u know how to play it thats already enough

Hero not balanced
From far i knew, Moonton didnt try to make it balanced i mean if u played this mode the gameplay not even long because in the game, most tower already destroyed. Its about which team have great hero combination, like when i met a team full of CC while mine have fanny, I knew its already endgame for us.

Need to be patient
U need to have strong mental to play this u know, its even harder than rank cause u played with public (not filtered based on rank) and sometime u always met a toxic allies and enemies everytime. Its already third time i almost explode u know. But ya, i still playing it cause its fun thats all.

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