New Event Cyber Famous Firearms in Pubg Mobile.

Rendang daging26
Nov 24

There is a new event available in Pubg mobile 11-24 to 11-30 November.

In this event pubg mobile gives us a chance to select and win our favourite weapons.When entering the event for the first time, players can tap the Change button on the screen to choose the firearm type they like.

✓. After confirming the firearm type and tapping the Reveal button, 1 of 2 upgradeable firearms of the selected firearm type will be randomly selected as the prize in the player's exclusive Lucky Spin. Spend UC to spin and get random rewards.

✓.A grand prize can be revealed up to 3 times for 3 exclusive Lucky Spins. These Lucky Spins exist at the
same time and can be switched between freely.

✓.All the firearms that may be revealed for each firearm type can be previewed in Preview Favorite
Firearms, and the results of each reveal will not be repeated.

Which firearms do you like?
Share your feedback Thank you.

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