Desert Eagle Vs Ri895 comparison in PUBGM. In Pubg mob

Malik hanzla
Nov 24

We will compare Desert Eagle and Ri895 weapons from different points of view.

•√ Attachments:-

• In desert Eagle 🦅 you can use different attachments to make the weapon more powerful and stable.when we add extended Mag the bullet capacity increase from 7 to 10 Rounds .we can use Red Dot , Holo graphic and and only attached Lazer sight as a grip.

Only SMG suppressor is attached as attachments.

•√ Availability:-
Desert Eagle:
Desert Eagle 🦅 is almost available in everywhere on the maps.

R1895:almost available everywhere in all maps.

Desert Eagle: Basic damage of desert Eagle is 61 .

R1895: This weapon has base damage of 63 .This weapon has highest damage as campare to Desert Eagle Due to 7.62mm bullets.

•√ Firing Mode:-
Both weapons have only single mode.

•√ After the following points we can discuss as a result Ri895 is best and wins a camparison with Desert Eagle Due to better in different points.

°°✓ What do you think which weapon is best and which one is your favourite ?

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