Assassin Joy might be better suited in another role, ONIC Esports’ Kiboy proves

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Nov 25

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Joy, the Flash of Miracle, was released as an assassin, but players already have different opinions on how and where she should be played.

Many players in ranked have been playing her in the jungle role, while some are trying their luck with her in the midlane. If the enemy marksmen have no mobility skills, some players even pick Joy in the gold lane to try and take advantage of her early solid game damage.

ONIC Esports‘ Nicky “Kiboy” Fernando however, had something else in mind.

Instead of playing her as an assassin, the 20-year-old roamer stuck to what he does best and played her as a roamer with defensive items. Unlike most roamers who have at least a stun or disable in their kit, the assassin hero does not have any. So what exactly makes her viable in this position?

In a livestream on YouTube, the ONIC Esports roamer made use of Joy’s mobility and dashes to disrupt the enemy jungler at their first purple buff.

Just as the enemy jungler finished doing their purple buff, Kiboy had already taken down all of his buffs, along with the Lithowanderer. He maintained pressure throughout, focusing his sights on the enemy jungler and marksman in team fights.

Despite ending the game with a 0/2/7 KDA, Kiboy had significantly delayed the enemy jungler, and had effectively zoned them away from the Turtle and the Lord.

To make up for her low defensive stats in the early game, he went for Tough Boots and Oracle first. This item also improved the shield on her passive, making her almost unkillable at full stacks. He later built Ice Queen Wand for the slow effect

The game ended before Kiboy can finish his fourth item, which was probably Glowing Wand, which synergizes well with Ice Queen Wand.

Necklace of Durance is also a great pick if you want to deal more damage in the latter stages of the game. Going for Dominance Ice is also a good idea if the team is behind and there are no tank heroes on your side.

Winter Truncheon is a good alternative if you are far ahead in the game and the enemy team has a lot of crowd control and team fight initiators.

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