Sanhok Map Guide

Nov 25

The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Sanhok map is a lush, verdant jungle terrain that is smaller and meaner than most maps. Sanhok has several interesting places to shoot and visit.

I’ve listed the greatest Sanhok locations and what you need to know about each one. Here's where to drop on the PUBG Sanhok map.

Paradise Resort 
Paradise resort is one of the few designated spots in the map's centre and gives good rewards. It's a vast region, so numerous individuals can drop, but the open courtyards mean you'll definitely fight. Even if you think it's far from the plane path, someone may join you.

Popular area with few vehicle spawns. Walking everywhere in Sanhok is easy early on, but bear that in mind. The loot is fantastic, and if you survive, you'll be in good shape.

Boot Camp
School or Pecado on Sanhok should be Boot Camp. It's in the heart of the map and has high loot spawn rates, but its size and layout ensure numerous players may co-exist for a time.

There will be many fights, but not one winner. Boot Camp graduates often have good gear. It has the best loot in Sanhok, enough for numerous people. Check everywhere for deceased player boxes, as they've often looted for you.

If you wish to unwind, visit the central quarry. No one drops here because there's little stuff and you're exposed. As no one drops here, the first several minutes are usually simple.

The loot is a problem, but if you're alone you can generally get a few good weapons and adequate equipment. Most boxes and crates can generate loot, so climb high to find the greatest weaponry.

Anyone passing by can see you, you have limited cover, and you're on low ground. This is a place to drop, gather enough glance, and then chase kills.

Camp Bravo
Like most of the other camps on Sanhok, Camp Bravo offers some great loot, but its location on the edge of the map can make it a pain if the circle is not kind. If you are confident in your rotations then this is a solid drop, and there are three potential vehicle spawns in very close proximity to the camp to help out in that regard. 
If you are challenged by other players on the drop then you want to stay clear of the middle buildings. There’s a ton of open windows here which means you can easily be shot in the back when you least expect it. Stick to the edge if others are with you and try to catch them off guard

Ha Thin
Ha Thin is a vast loot area, but its arrangement allows you to rapidly pass through it and move on. Its viability hinges on the plane path; if you can't reach it quickly, it's a bad call.

Its northern location may seem weird, but there are plenty of land and sea vehicle spawns here, so getting to the first circle won't be a problem. This is a top-tier drop, maybe the loot isn't as reliable as Boot Camp, but you'd have to be really unfortunate not to get an AR and decent backup.

Sah Mee
Sah Mee is Sanhok's closest urban area. This brings a lot of loot, but it's not easy to pillage efficiently because of the two-story houses. It's possible to slip past someone when travelling from building to building, so be careful.

Drop here for treasure and cover. You'll probably be joined by another player or two, even if you're far from the plane, but if you play carefully and don't run aimlessly from building to building, you can all grab great stuff before the fights start.

Camp Alpha
Camp Alpha is identical to Camp Bravo, although its location on the tiny northern island is less desirable. If you drop here, you'll likely have to cross the river at some time.

The loot is good, and if you can keep the camp it can become an impregnable fortress if you play on the roofs. It's a good option, but the others are better. This popular drop in a tough location with good loot. See how it goes

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