Vikendi Map Guide

Nov 25

The icy PUBG Vikendi map has white wasteland as far as the eye can reach. This map is one of the more diverse in terms of what you may locate, with rocket launch pads, railroads, and more, but there are also many minor features that won't be immediately evident to gamers for whom this is all fresh-fallen snow.

It has plenty of elevation, but a tramline that goes through the middle and around the periphery gives it unique tactical choices.Below are all the important sites and aspects of Vikendi, each with its own characteristics and traits.

Goroka is the first recommended Vikendi stop. Goroka is one of four major towns, but its verticality stands out. You'll have a vertical edge if you land at one of the northern buildings near to the main road.

Assault rifles and attachments litter the floor of a few buildings, giving you enough gear to last until the finish of the game. It's also central, so you should have a few safe zones before leaving the city. Just don't cross the freezing lake!

The Winery is south of Pilnec. Players will typically loot at Pilnec then look for kills at the Winery, but if you listen carefully, you can hear footsteps from a distance.

As for treasure, the Winery's top-level outbuildings have wine cellars. These provide good loot, but players camp there, so be careful. Pre-aim corners as you travel, and you shouldn't have too many problems as long as you don't run through open spaces.

The Cosmodrome is a famous abandoned spaceport. Some of the single-story buildings away from the rocket site include underground chambers with loads of goodies.

Treat the Cosmodrome like the Winery; approach each corner cautiously. The surrounding areas can be difficult to run across when the blue is advancing, so leave with plenty of time.

If you want to engage with other players and practise battle, Castle is the perfect drop. It's the coolest site on the map, with a river that doubles as a moat.

If you land at Castle with a good weapon, check every corner. If you're one of the few survivors here and have a long-range scoped gun, head up to the highest walkway for a good lookout spot. Like the Cosmodrome, you'll want to leave early to avoid swimming across the moat with the blue on your heels.

Lumber Yard
Lumber Yard is a fantastic solo spot. This place features a few enormous open barns with loot on the floor and few other individuals. If you don't have enough from the main Lumber Yard, there are several clusters of structures nearby.

If you have a western safe zone, beware. The closest path into the circle is across one of the only bridges to the Castle, so you'll likely be a sitting duck as you run or swim across it. Watch the timer and move early if you think you'll be trapped.

Cantra is in the map's south-east corner. It's a lovely village, but it boasts better loot than Vihar or Krichas. First, visit the corner church, then the lesser buildings.

If you have time after exploring the main town, the Hot Springs are nearby. Because you're so far from the map's centre, you'll have to jog to the oncoming zone.

The Villa is another wonderful solo/duo spot. The courtyard has the villa and a few sheds. In the main building, you'll discover weapons and attachments and a Dacia spawn point.

The Villa's location is its selling point. When you do have to move, there are a lot of buildings and housing clusters to dart between if someone has stolen the automobile.

Where is your favourite spot to land on? Please a comment down below!

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