Starlight membership revamp

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Nov 25

Starlight Member Revamp (Update)

Starlight cards are back with 2 versions
•Normal Version : 300💎 (Can ask or give to a friend)
•Premium version : 750💎 (Can ask or give to a friend)
(Price may change)

Regular Version:
• Starlight skin & paint
•Starlight match emote
• Starlight sacred monument
•Starlight Hero Choice Chest
•Random Elite Skin Chest

Premium Version:
All 5 stuff from the Regular version PLUS
•Jump to level 15, unlock all rewards and an additional 10% Starlight EXP boost for all Quest Levels

New Stuff:
👉Starlight Level Rules
1. If you reach a certain level of Starlight in 1 season, you will get a bonus level that will lead to the next Starlight if:
•Reach Level 50: Get 1 Starlight level bonus
•Reach Level 55: Get 2 Starlight level bonuses
•Reach Level 60: Get 3 Starlight level bonuses
2. You can get a maximum of 6 Starlight level bonuses

If you reach certain level in the month's STARLIGHT then you will start at a higher level in the next month's STARLIGHT. Similar to our normal Rank system👹

In this new STARLIGHT update there will only the month's STARLIGHT skin available for purchase,.

For example we can only purchase KuPol's Troublemaker skin in this month and there will be no other skins to choose from.

Dev has all the rights to change this rules by release.

Pic Credit to Dual Blade Gamerz
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