Update 2.3 Glitch in Erangle Map 🗺️ at Yasnaya Polyana=PUBGM

Rendang daging26
Nov 26

There is a glitch located in Erangle Map 🗺️ Yasnaya Polyana plant.Many people use this glitch and kill players.

This glitch is located at Aerial vehicle 🚡 Station.when you enter in a glitch spot you can easily go back to outside.When someone uses this glitch there is no way to kill them.

There is the advantage for glitched person because no one can spot them, but the glitched enemy can see you clearly.Glitch users can kill players only with Throwables like grenade Molotov cocktails.This glitch is performed in a prone down position with help of bicycle 🚲.
Many players use this glitche during rank push for survival point of view.We hope this glitch will be fixed within the next update.

Note: This content is made for awareness. Please don't try this glitch in game because you can get a ban on your account and it supports unfair game play.

if you were killed by an enemy with this glitch?
share your experiences Thank you.

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