PUBG Mobile 2.3 update's highlights

Nov 26

The Battle Royale game's final significant update of 2022 is version 2.3, which comes after five previous updates.

The upgrade will significantly improve the BR gameplay experience for players by introducing numerous new features, themes, modes, and collaborations.

PUBG Mobile global Chicken Cup, Football Carnival theme mode, and Lionel Messi collaboration

A November update preview has already been released which highlights the incorporation of the new PUBG Mobile Global Chicken Cup to celebrate the forthcoming FIFA World Cup 2022.
Also, a new mode called "Football Mania" will be added to the game to celebrate PUBGM's partnership with the legendary Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi.

Here are the features of the football-themed content in the game:

  • Football-themed mode added in Erangel, Nusa, Livik
  • New Tactical Item - Messi's Golden Shoes
  • New Throwable - Football
  • New Football-themed vehicle
  • New Themed Area - Football Carnival
  • Football pitches across the battlefield
  • Football-themed Spawn Island


  1. New Supply Warehouses can now be found in Erangel and will help users get resources.
  2. Players can utilize the new Vehicle Radar (available in Supply Shop) to search for vacant vehicles in the locality.
  3. Three cable car routes are incorporated to Stalber to facilitate better movement.


  1. New weather: Dawn and dusk are introduced for a fresh visual experience.
  2. Refinery Improvements: Changes to stage for better gaming experience

New features and changes have also been made to the UI, tier rewards, and weapons, along with social systems, which will improve the game's quality.

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