PUBG Mobiles anti-cheat tech system

Nov 27

PUBG Mobile – the widely popular miniature version of the original battle royale game – has introduced a new anti-cheating tech that it says has halved the number of cheaters playing the mobile shooter.

Called Fog of War, the new system – which developer Krafton says is "the first of its kind in mobile gaming" – works by limiting the "game information a player receives" when using x-ray vision or wall hacks.
Whilst it's only been implemented in a "limited capacity" up until now, Krafton says that lobbies using the anti-cheat system saw x-ray vision cheats decrease by "over 50 per cent", and up to 62 per cent "in key regions".

"The first of its kind in mobile gaming, Fog of War is an advanced anti-cheat system that limits the game information a player receives, reducing their ability to see players out of their field of view or through walls and objects," Krafton said in a statement. 

"Firstly, the Fog of War system scans all the buildings and terrain on PUBG Mobile’s huge maps. Through internal calculations, the system then intelligently determines what the player is supposed to be able to see. Finally, only that specific information is sent from the server back to the player. Non-visible information will not be sent, putting a stop to x-ray vision cheaters."
From here on in, Krafton says it will be gradually rolling out the system across all PUBG Mobile modes.
"Cheating is completely unacceptable in PUBG Mobile, and this is yet another step towards stopping players from using deceitful and unfair technology," the company insisted. 
"Nothing is more important to PUBG Mobile than ensuring players have a safe, fun and fair experience."
As for PUBG Mobile's grown-up sibling, PUBG: Battlegrounds? Since going free-to-play, PUBG: Battlegrounds - the official name for the game some of us used to know as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - has amassed over 80,000 new daily players. Krafton believes it's switching to the free-to-play model back in January that has helped the battle royale shooter clock up more players, as well as the "stricter anti-cheat programs" that aim "to ensure a fairer playing field for all".

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