Advance server UPdate : Map

Frenzy Official
Nov 27

Advance server UPdate : Map
Map sound effects nerfed

Players can no longer hear enemy's SFX (Sound Effects) when they are not in the player's vision.

Example : If an enemy are farming on their side of jungle then we can no longer hear them by dragging the screen to the enemy's location.

. We can still hear them if there is a ward, allied hero nearby enemies.

. Lord's attacks are still hearable by dragging the screen.

Kinda similar to Dota2's Fog of War👹


The dark foggy area is the Fog of War of Dota2, it renders enemies invisible, unheardable & untargetable when they are inside it

We only can see, hear & target them if there is a allied hero, ward or turret near them inside the Fog of War.


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