PUBG MOBILE Livik 2.3 Update Tips and Tricks

Aleena Zafar
Nov 27

The trick which I am going to share is best for rank pushing and camping and it will also increase your KD. The location of this trick is in livik map of football naina.

For this trick you have to follow these steps:

1) Land on Blomster in Livik map.

2) Go to the first Floor or big blue Triple Story building as shown in the screenshot.

3) Stand on the wall of the balcony of First floor.

4) Convert your self in to Football and don't move Joystick.

5) Jump exactly from Same place where I jumped and move the joystick to right as shown in screenshot.

In this you will reach on the top of the triple story blue building.
This is best trick because Blomster have a football area which is hot drop zone and you will easily get kills.

What you think is it good trick? Share your thoughts.

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