Advance server UPdate : Hanabi

Frenzy Official
Nov 27

Advance server UPdate : Hanabi
Basic atk nerfed while 1st skill & Ult buffed

Basic atk's range reduced
. Range : 5 unit >> 4.8 unit

1st skill
. Dealing damage when 1st skill is active to non-hero creatures will also raises 1st skill's sheild
(Previously the shield can only be raised by hitting enemy heroes)

. The AOE damage will also spread to all nearby enemies that are close to her original target.
(Previously only the Immobilize effect will spread)

Smaller range but the CC immunity sheild can now be stacked by dealing damage to minions/creeps plus the damage from Ult will also spread, things are looking good for Revamped Hanabi👹


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