The 5 hottest League of Legends male champions

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Nov 28

As the League of Legends roster continues to grow, so do the number of hot male champions.

In 2021, Viego the Ruined King’s design, ability kit, and appearance collectively broke new ground, as he quickly become one of the most popular champions to date.

From human to Vastayan, dead or alive, these male champions in LoL will leave you wanting more.

Branded a superhero in his city, Jayce the “Defender of Tomorrow” hails from Piltover. A brilliant inventor, he not only has the brains, but also the looks, with bushy brown eyebrows, a boyish haircut, and a perfectly shaven five o’clock shadow.

Played at top, mid, or even in the bot lane, Jayce is as versatile as his large hextech hammer, which switches at will between hammer stance and cannon stance.

If his base splash isn’t hot enough, we guarantee Debonair Jayce will make you sweat. With hints of grey hair, a cheeky eyebrow raise, paired with big, sincere eyes, Debonair Jayce is the spitting image of Hollywood actor, George Clooney.

Will you go on a date with this suave male champion?

“Gems are truly, truly, truly outrageous.”

He protects, he attacks, but most importantly, he’s outrageously hot. Look at Taric’s insanely strong jawline that’s reminiscent of Henry Cavill.

Taric is a support who’s been around for more than 10 years since LoL debuted in 2009. Though he hardly appears in the meta, he has always been a fan favorite due to his dashing good looks and solid build. Check out that bulging bicep and forearm!

Since the early days of LoL when marksman Ezreal entered the scene, LoL players have been shipping this pair. Never mind if the lore likes to push Ezreal and Lux together, hardcore League fans know that Taric-Ezreal is by far the best bot lane duo.

Shrouded in mystery, who doesn’t like a man who dabbles in high stakes (and seas)?

Released during LoL’s alpha testing phase, Twisted Fate went through multiple splashart updates, and to the delight of fans, became hotter every time. He was also one of the first champions to be made into an official Riot Games collectible statue. So cool!

The card master’s trademark voice line is “Lady luck is smilin”, which he says in a smooth, deep voice. A hot male champion that oozes sexy from hat to toe, Twisted Fate is basically the LoL version of Gambit from Marvel’s X-Men.

Pick a card? Twisted Fate, pick our heart.

The Boss manspreads his way onto number two on our list of hottest male LoL champions.

A truly unique juggernaut in LoL that even sparked a number-crunching Mathematically Correct Sett build, Sett’s abilities pack a bigger punch than Vi ever did.

A powerful leader in Ionia’s criminal underworld, he is the epitome of raw strength, exuding large amounts of arrogance, influence, and flirtatiousness. In his recent Pool Party skin, Sett got to show off his bulk even more.

Remember to spam sit-ups in-game for that Sett-isfying taunt.

All hail the king of Ruination!

Viego is abs–olutely number one on our list because, well, look at him.

Many fans agreed that along with Seraphine, he was a turning point in the Runeterra universe, for Riot Games was showing that they knew their market and what players wanted.

A man who is driven by love and obsession, Viego somehow became hotter after turning from human to wraith. Ditching his brown hair, blue eyes, and forlorn face, Viego rose to the throne in tight leather pants, six well-defined pecs, and a rocker hairdo, carrying an extremely big Blade of the Ruined King.

Viego is so popular that he was quickly introduced to other Riot games, including TFT, Valorant, and Legends of Runeterra. The best cosmetic has to be the earnable “Please ruin me” emote in last season’s TFT pass, as this is the first time Riot acknowledged just how hot a champion is.

He also got an official Viego Unlocked Statue, and his very own video game “Ruined King” developed by Airship Syndicate and published by Riot Forge.

Truly, “all that blessed waters, and still thirsty”.

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