Midtstein 2.3 Update Trick PUBG MOBILE

Aleena Zafar
Nov 28

As we all know that  Midtstein is the Hot drop zone of livik map many players land at that place. It contains number of buildings and number of players camp or hold top of the buildings. To knock down these players you have to reach on the top of the big blue building.

To reach on the top of building you must follow these following steps:

Go at the back side of the building, there is a tree which have wall boundary around it. Leggrab and climb on the boundary wall as shown in screenshot.

Turn around, press jump and leggrab to climb on the brocken/ small wall. Now convert your character in to football and point the cross air towards building.

Press jump button and when you are in air again press jump button (press jump 2 time). Now you will reach on the top of building press exit button.

With the help of this trick you will get kills and height advantage and also good cover.

Hope you like this trick. Have to tried this trick before? Share your opinions.

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