The strongest vampire: ruby

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Nov 29

Ruby, her normal attack cannot lifesteal, instead it is superimposed on the skill.
It will shift once after releasing a skill. Each shift can stack a layer of passive: add a little physical and magic defense.
Ruby is a hero, you only need to use 1 skill to harass the enemy in the early stage, remember! You must keep a distance from the enemy.

In the later stage, treat yourself as a tank. With 3 skills and flash, you can hook the enemy farther. But remember, the flash should be pressed slowly. If you press it too early, it will become a flash before releasing it. 3 skills.

It is recommended to buy cd shoes for equipment, so that the continuous damage of skills will come faster,
and then you can buy some lifesteal equipment. As long as the claws and cloak are bought, the blood volume will be very exaggerated!
Compared with fighters, ruby ​​damage will be less, but ruby's lifesteal can already restrain many heroes.

Ruby's 2-3 skills are relatively "special" control skills, common control (vale, eudora, aurora, frangco), but ruby's control can make the enemy come to me Or control skills that can move enemies, like (zilong, edith,paqudo)
When you meet fanny, you can directly pull fanny from the displacement!

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