FOOTBALL CARNIVAL Golden shoes Building Glich

Aleena Zafar
Nov 29

The location of this glich is in erangel map main building of Football Carnival where we find Messi's golden shoes.

For this glich you must have cycle. Stand/Park the cycle near Big Football building where you also find golden shoes.

1) Use the cycle press drive and jump button and park the cycle on wall as shown in screenshot.

2) press drive and exit 1 or 2 time in this way you will get inside the round building or uder the Big Golden football.

Now no will spot you and you can use nade and any throwable also can fire. This is best for rank pushing. Don't use it to kill enemies.

Note: Use this glich for only rank pushing. Don't you to kill enemies because it support unfair game play Nad your will get ban.

Share your thoughts about these type of glichs. And share your opinion what you think about gliches?

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