Netflix's Interactive Trivia Experience 'Triviaverse'

Nov 29

Netflix is launching a new interactive game called “Triviaverse” that allows customers to test their knowledge and compete against an all-knowing “Trivia master” using their TV remote. In the game, players are pushed to answer questions as rapidly as they can before time runs out and beat high scores to win badges.

Today, the streaming service launches "Triviaverse" in nine languages: English, Spanish (LatAm), Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Brazil), French, German, Italian, Korean, and Japanese.

The gameplay itself is quite simple. Players must accurately answer as many questions as possible within a limited time window by pressing the arrow keys on their remote. Questions will span diverse categories like history, science and pop culture. They’ll increase in difficulty as you make it through the rounds.

When players reach certain milestones, they earn badges, beginning with “Bird Brain,” then “Preschool Graduate,” “Lucky Guesser,” “Shockingly Average,” “Mere Mortal,” “PhD Dropout,” “Super Nerd,” “Potential Genius,” “Certified Genius” and “Triviaverse God” — the last and most epic-sounding title that players can receive.

There are two methods to play “Triviaverse” – one-player mode, which offers three rounds of trivia; or two-player mode, which is divided into two rounds per person.

“Whether it’s pushing a personal best to beat 4,000 points or duelling your friends to reach 10,000 points, we hope you learn something new and have fun!” Netflix Director of Product Management Rick Sanchez stated in the statement made on the company’s blog.


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