New livik Football Mania Tips and Tricks

Aleena Zafar
Nov 30

PUBG Mobile new update 2.3 have very exciting features and players are enjoying this update specially its converting in to football feature. These new features are very helpful in rank pushing.

So here is a very simple trick for East Port of livik map. There are blue warehouse in East Port to reach at top of these warehouse follow these steps.

1)First climb on the truck which is  near middle warehouse.

2) Then convert in to football.

3)Point the Cross air towards middle one blue warehouse and simply press jump button.

4)When you are in air move joystick forward and again press jump button. In this way you will reach at the top of the blue warehouse and you can also move to near by warehouses.

This is the one of simple trick but very helpful specifically in the last play zone.

What you think is it helpful trick or not?
Share your opinion.

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