[PMGC] NOT to survive

Dec 01 · Moderator

Survival stages started yesterday and a lot of teams definitely playing with all their might despite only needing to be on Top 16 overall to stay for the last chance qualifier.

VPE,HVVP are definitely trying to redeem their position as well as their pride with both respectively the PMWI 2022 Champion and PMGC S1 runner up.

iNCO in the other hands showed a completely different gameplay compared to in the group stages where they're barely qualified for survival stages.

Malaysia team 4 Rivals, is currently at 14th after earning 0 points in the last few matches,not sure if they're playing seriously or not as this might just be a warm up for a comeback.

Hopefully 4Rivals can climb up the rankings and maintain themselves for last chance qualifier.

How do you think about the last chance qualifier? Is it more intense than group stages so far?

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